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Hallmarq Veterinary Imaging is an award-winning global leader in innovative diagnostic imaging solutions including MRI and CT. As industry specialists with over 20 years experience, Hallmarq focuses on providing safe, accurate and affordable advanced imaging for practicing veterinarians worldwide. With a shared passion for improving animal health, Hallmarq has partnered with its customers to support diagnostic imaging of over 260,000 animals in 24 countries. Hallmarq’s exclusive dedication to the industry and exceptional support provided to customers has resulted in increased access to advanced clinical systems for small animal and equine practices worldwide, and backed by Q-Care – their world-class service and support program – their exclusive dedication to the needs of the industry delivers exceptional value to your patients and practice. 

Who to contact?

Contact: Rachel Prior

Phone: +(0)1483 877812

Email: Rachel.Prior@hallmarq.net