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Equine Blades Direct has been the UK’s leading manufacturer and distributor of equine dentistry equipment for over fifteen years. Since 2018 EBD have been developing and selling our own DYNAMIC Dental System, which has been designed to be a revolution in equine dentistry and the most user friendly system on the market. Alongside DYNAMIC we have also introduced the ECOMAK System which is a cost effective solution developed for starter/occasional practitioners. Our in-house Technical Service Centre is on hand to provide a fully comprehensive service for all your dental equipment with a quick and easy turnaround. We are constantly updating our equipment design, as well as manufacturing new equipment in conjunction with leading specialists in the field of equine dentistry. EBD is also the PowerFloat European Distributor and registered Service Centre.

Who to contact?

Contact: Jo Hudson

Phone: +44(0)1934 710 780

Email: office@equinebladesdirect.com