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Making practical days even more practical

In 2018 we introduced pre-learning to some of our CPD courses and we've outlined below what pre-learning is, what to expect from it and why we're adding it to courses


Pre-learning allows delegates to start their learning before they attend a practical course.

Pre-learning happens online and delegates are sent information, materials and exercises, via our online learning platform, before the course date. All of our practical courses are face-to-face, meaning delegates are in a room (or field) together rather than meeting online. 

It is often termed 'blended learning', meaning you have a bit of online learning and a bit of being in the same place as other learners.


We want to continue to ensure we can deliver the world's best equine CPD by delivering a great experience and making sure learners who attend our courses get as much as possible from it. With the developments in technology, one of the ways we are able to do this is through offering an online learning platform for equine vets. 

There is a lot of research out there to show how pre-learning can help improve the experience for the learner, these include:

  • the learner 'switches on' their subconscious to the topic which primes it for learning (meaning they are more 'ready' for the day of CPD)
  • by providing some of the theory ahead of the practical day it helps to ensure every delegate has the same basic knowledge or understanding before attending. This means some won't feel the course is progressing too slowly and others don't get left behind
  • Completing pre-learning can reduce the amount of background information that is provided on the day, freeing up time for more practical, hands-on learning

It doesn't just help learners but it can also help us...

  • through post course activity we can better understand how much has been learnt on the course and then use this to continue to improve our course programmes
  • we are able to identify areas that the delegates are less confident or competent in so that both the learners and the speakers are aware of what the focus of the practical day should be on


Pre-learning can come in a whole range of shapes and sizes. We know that everyone is busy and that's why we are keeping the pre-learning materials as short as possible, there shouldn't be any parts that take longer than 30 minutes.

Pre-learning may include:


These are short quizzes to get an understanding of each learners existing knowledge and our quizzes include simply right/wrong answers, they can give you hints and can be confidence graded.


An exercise may include watching a webinar BEVA have recorded as part of their webinar series.


An exercise may be to watch a video or a series of video clips.

Downloads and links 

We may upload PDFs and other documents as well as links to other material including articles from EVJ and EVE. 

Accessing pre-learning materials 

If you have booked a course with pre-learning you will be sent an email with instructions on how to access your material as soon as it is ready, usually about two weeks before the course date.