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BEVA Trust - Improving equine welfare though veterinary volunteering

The BEVA Trust provides opportunities, support, and funding to allow members of the veterinary team to volunteer for projects that seek to enhance equine welfare both locally and globally, and in partnership with other organisations.

Thank you to everyone who has volunteered for the BEVA Trust over the last few years. 

Take a look at BEVA Senior Vice President Vicki Nicholl's Blog on her day volunteering at a recent Education and Welfare Castration Clinic. 
BEVA Members - Volunteers are required for various projects throughout the year, both in the UK and overseas. Are you available to help? Have a look at the various projects.

If you would like more information or to get involved please contact Fiona




The Trustee of The BEVA Trust is BEVA and therefore legally entitled.

Julian samuelson

caroline george

jeremy kemp-symonds

david Mountford

roly owers

karen rowe

grace starling

Fiona Cunnington

Project Images - Credit: Redwings Horse Sanctuary