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Disease Surveillance

We work with other organisations to help identify, control and prevent disease outbreaks and ensure the safest environments for horses and ponies throughout the UK and internationally.

About EIDS

Equine Infectious Disease Surveillance (EIDS) is generously funded by the UK's Thoroughbred industry and is based at Cambridge University. The EIDS team collaborates with equine industry stakeholders to control and prevent equine infectious disease occurrences in the UK. They oversee numerous surveillance schemes to aid the identification and reporting of specific infectious disease occurrences and provide a disease control advice service for veterinary surgeons. EIDS also collate and share disease information, through platforms such as the International Collating Centre (ICC), EquiFluNet and the Equine Quarterly Disease Surveillance report, which is produced by EIDS in collaboration with BEVA and Defra/APHA. For further information about EID’s work, to sign up to the available surveillance schemes or to contact a veterinary epidemiologist about an infectious disease enquiry, please click here.