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Online Learning

CPD resources at your fingertips

THE BEVA Online Learning Platform provides a wide range of resources that allow you to top up on your CPD and develop your clinical skills.


This content is exclusively available to BEVA members.

If you are a BEVA member you need to firstly log in to the BEVA website, you can do this by pressing the button below.


What to expect

Pre-online learning 

Allowing our practical courses to get even more practical.

You can browse our CPD courses to find out which ones offer pre-online learning. Once you have booked a practical course that includes online learning you will receive an email with details on how to access your course.

Bite-sized modules

Short, sharp learning options for you to top up on CPD

With learning no more than 20 minutes long and interactive learning options including clinical quizzes, case scenarios and consequence activities it is a perfect way to catch up on your CPD when you have a spare five minutes.


Covering the full breadth of equine veterinary medicine