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The practical approach to CPD

BEVA provides some of the best equine veterinary training for every stage of your career. From practical, hands-on courses to online learning and webinars that cover the whole breadth of equine veterinary medicine; there really is something for everyone. 











Upcoming Courses

27 October

Sports Horse Conditions: diagnosis, treatments and management

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28 October

BEVA Approved: 2021 Pregnant Mare and Foal Online Seminar

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04 November

BEVA Approved: 2021 Pregnant Mare and Foal Online Seminar

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Who choose BEVA CPD?

All our CPD is designed by equine vets for equine vets

Our CPD is developed by our Education Committee, a team of equine vets who have been elected by BEVA membership to sit on the BEVA council. Our Education committee ensure we are delivering the right training for equine veterinary professionals everywhere. Find out more about our Education committee here.

Leading practitioners deliver our CPD

We choose the best people to help us run and plan every course (both offline and online). We ensure the right practitioners are leading small group, practical days and we ask leading practitioners to run webinars. With BEVA CPD you can guarantee you will be able to take the skills you learn straight back to the clinic.

We enhance skill sets, we don't have a different agenda

Our not-for-profit status allows us to deliver an outstanding programme that is affordable yet highly regarded. We subsidise all our practicals courses, make online learning free to members and provide access to world class research to ensure we can promote scientific excellence and education.