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BEVA Approved RCVS Knowledge The Future of Equine Practice: Practical examples of how we're improving outcomes for our patients

22 Oct 2019 09:45 - 15:30

Rossdales Equine Hospital and Diagnostic Centre,

Equine vets, nurses and practice managers are invited to attend our BEVA approved event with RCVS Knowledge.

This full day event will include interactive workshops, real-life scenarios and case studies that will help you learn how to apply quality improvement into practice to help respond to and prevent errors. Apply your knowledge and experience to everyday work with the use of checklists and clinical audit to improve patient outcomes in anaesthesia and surgery.

HBLB are sponsoring both events which has allowed delegate fees to be subsidised.

Event Programme


Welcome and Introduction


Alice Bird (Animal Health Trust)

An anaesthetic complication and what we did about it: turning error into improvements.

Demonstrating the use of the RCVS Knowledge Significant event audit activity sheet on a real equine clinical incident scenario. The scenario will aim to show how logical analysis and open discussion can provide a clearer picture, which is often not the same as the initial assumptions of individual blame.


Rachel Dean (Vet Partners/ Ashbrook Hospital)

Implementing quality improvement in equine practice.

Discussing the VetPartners clinical excellence strategy that includes quality improvement at a practice and national levels. Discussion about the creation of a pathway to ensure QI became a reality for our equine clinics and the bumps we had on the way! The impact to date of our QI work will also be shared.


Tim Mair (Bell Equine Veterinary Clinic)

Creating and using guidelines in practice- colic's, castrations, antimicrobials and more.

Analysing some of the problems and benefits of introducing clinical guidelines into equine practice. Using some real-life examples, we will look at why guidelines may be beneficial, how to go about finding and devising our own guidelines, how to implement them and how to monitor their effect.


Pam Mosedale (RCVS Knowledge Quality Improvement Advisory Board)

Checklists in veterinary practice.

Checklists are an important part of safety culture in practice, and by reducing errors they protect patients, clients and practice team members.



Professor Debra Archer (University of Liverpool)

Benchmarking in colic surgery: What's to come.

This session will detail the launch of an app and website based audit tool that has been developed to obtain data about rates of morbidities and mortality in horses undergoing surgery for colic. This will enable participating clinics to obtain data for their own clinics and will enable benchmarks to be developed so that individual clinics can compare their patient outcomes against international and national benchmarks.


Lewis Smith (Rossdales Veterinary Surgeon)

How we're doing clinical governance in our practice.

Linking how procedural errors, common and easily made mistakes can be harnessed to improve veterinary performance.


Pam Mosedale (RCVS Knowledge Quality Improvement Advisory Board


What you can do now.

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