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BEVA Approved Rossdales Diamond Series - Nursing Congress

07 Jun 2019 08:30 - 08 Jun 2019 18:00

Event Description

Course Leaders

Elaine Packer - Rossdales Equine Hospital
Sarah Boys Smith - Rossdales Equine Hospital
Nurse Speakers

Bonny Millar - Rossdales Equine Hospital
Elaine Packer - Rossdales Equine Hospital
Amy Gent - Rossdales Equine Hospital
Natalie Fisk - Rossdales Equine Hospital
Jess Wheeler - Rossdales Equine Hospital
Sam Feighery - Rossdales Equine Hospital
Veterinary Surgeon Speakers

Sarah Boys Smith - Rossdales Equine Hospital
Alastair Foote - Rossdales Laboratories
Tim Barnett - Rossdales Equine Hospital
Lucy Grieve - Rossdales Equine Practice
Tim Greet - Rossdales Equine Hospital
Catriona Mackenzie - Rossdales Equine Hospital
Emily Haggett - Rossdales Equine Hospital
This CPD event is intended for any registered or trainee equine veterinary nurse and technicians working with horses in a veterinary environment.

Emergency Care

There will be lectures covering triage of medical and orthopaedic patients, including those cases necessitating isolation facilities. An overview of fluid therapy, analgesia and diagnostic laboratory techniques in the emergency patient will also be provided.

Diagnostic Imaging

Presentations will focus on the acquisition and interpretation of routine radiographs of the legs, head, chest and abdomen, as well as indications for advanced diagnostic imaging.

Critical Care

Care of both the post-operative colic and the acute orthopaedic case will be covered, as well as dealing with neurological horses and coping with dystocias, caesareans and neonates.

Surgery and Theatre Skills

These lectures will cover theatre management, preparation of the surgical patient and being an effective surgical assistant for horses under general anaesthesia and standing sedation. Working for overseas charities and operating in the field will also feature.

There will be an option to visit the Heath on Saturday morning to see the horses training on the gallops. This will be a guided, self-driven tour and will include breakfast rolls on return to the hospital. The course fee also includes a course dinner on Friday night, daily refreshments and lunch on both days of the Congress.


£145 inc. VAT


Please contact Rossdales at cpd@rossdales.com or telephone +44 (0)1638 577754

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