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BEVA Approved Rossdales Upper Airways Discussion Forum 2019

22 Feb 2019 08:45 - 17:00

Rossdales Equine Hospital and Diagnostic Centre,

This course returns for it third instalment and provides an up-to-date guide to developments in the world of equine upper airway diagnostics, management and surgery. It will be of particular interest to general practitioners, specialists and residents in surgery and sports horse medicine, as well as anyone with a keen interest in performance horse work.

Leading clinicians from around the world will provide evidence-based lectures covering current research, as well as providing material for open and inclusive discussion with each other, and contributions from the attending delegates is encouraged. Included subjects are:

How accurate and repeatable is exercising endoscopy?
How successful are conservative methods of treating DDSP?
Choosing the best prosthesis and method for laryngoplasty.
The future of nerve grafts and the pacemaker
Regenerative medicine: applications for the equine upper airway

To register for this course, please contact Rachel Clay at rachel.clay@rossdales.com telephone: (01638) 577754


Jon Cheatham - Cornell University
Fabrice Rossignol -Grosbois Equine Clinic
Justin Perkins - Royal Veterinary College
Patrick Pollock - University of Edinburgh
Safia Barakzai - Equine Surgical Referrals
Tim Barnett - Rossdales Equine Hospital
Lewis Smith - Rossdales Equine Hospital

Course Fee & Registration

£145 + VAT = £175

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