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VetPD Advances in Equine Orthopaedic Therapies - An Evidence-Based 2-Day Practical Course

09 Nov 2018 08:30 - 10 Nov 2018 18:00

Over the past 15 years a plethora of new therapies have made an appearance in the field of equine orthopaedics. For busy equine practitioners who don’t have the time to regularly dive into the current literature it can be difficult to establish which ones of these therapies are scientifically sound and have been found to be efficacious via clinical studies. It is furthermore very difficult to find any literature where authors actually exactly describe what therapeutic regimen they use.

Course Organiser: 
VetPD Ltd, www.vetpd.com 


Luis Pardon Lamas DVM, CertES(Orth), PhD, Dipl.ECVS, MRCVS - Portugal
Marc Koene Dr.Med.Vet - Germany
Antonio Cruz LV, MVM, MSc, PhD, Dipl.ACVS, Dipl. ECVS, Dipl.ACVSMR - Canada, Spain

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Veterinární Klinika Hermanuv Mestec,
Near Pardubice,,
Nový dvur 993, Hermanuv Mestec,
538 03

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