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BEVA Approved: Rossdales Mare and Stallion Reproduction Course

25 Jan 2023 08:15 - 27 Jan 2023 16:30

British Racing School,

BEVA Approved Course

Contact Emily Heslop at emily.heslop@rossdales.com to book your place.

people iconWho is the course for?

This course is suitable for anyone with an interest in equine reproduction but would be of particular interest to more advanced practitioners and those working towards further qualifications in equine reproduction.

book iconAbout the Course

A comprehensive three-day course of lectures, case presentations and discussion groups that will cover multiple aspects of mare and stallion reproduction in preparation for the impending breeding season. Providing delegates with both the most recent and cutting-edge research and a wealth of clinical experience from a host of world-renowned reproductive specialists.

Day one will initially concentrate on the barren mare. The course will open with a lecture on epigenetics, conception, and genetic diseases, moving on to managing the transition period and barren mare issue such as endometritis, ovulation failure, GCT’s and video hysteroscopy. These sessions will be a combination of lectures and case-based discussions, providing delegates with ample opportunities to ask questions and discuss real-life cases. The discussion group on the second day will work through the barren mare work up, reviewing the evidence and discuss the practical implications and effects on subsequent fertility.

Moving on to the pregnant mare, recent research on early pregnancy loss will be presented and the evidence for supplementing progesterone during pregnancy will be discussed. Another case discussion will cover options for twin reductions in both early and late gestation. Monitoring the high-risk pregnancy, the potential benefits of blood tests for placentitis mares and the rationale for treating the high-risk pregnancy will be discussed. Potential foaling issues and post-partum complications including retained foetal membranes, periparturient haemorrhage and uterine tears will then be discussed to complete the pregnant mare section.

The programme will then move onto assisted reproductive techniques including clinical applications of AI and a review of the evidence for fixed-time AI protocols. A section on embryo transfer will provide practical advice on how to improve your success rates, concentrating on both the donor and recipient mare management. Embryo cryopreservation, pre-implantation genetics, maternal ageing, and the use of ICSI in clinical practice will be discussed.

Finally, not forgetting the stallion, the remainder of the programme will discuss reproductive biology, stallion fertility and the use of sex-sorted semen and selection of stallions for ICSI.

Throughout the three-day course there will be multiple opportunities for case-based discussion in both smaller and larger groups. Many critically appraised topics will be covered, providing delegates with both up-to-date research and practical advice from multiple reproductive specialists across the UK and Europe.

A one stop shop to gain high level mare and stallion reproductive CPD including practical advice, up-to-date research, state of the art reproductive technologies and discussion groups with multiple reproductive specialists.

thinking iconKey Learning Objectives

  • Enhance your knowledge of genetics, epigenetics, and reproductive biology.
  • Review the evidence for treating the pregnant mare.
  • Confidently manage both donor and recipient mares for embryo transfer.
  • Grow your understanding of advanced reproductive technologies including ICSI, embryo cryopreservation, genetic testing, and sex-sorting semen.
  • Get up-to-date with all the latest mare and stallion research.

organiser iconCourse Organiser

  • Andrew J. McGladdery, BVMS, CertESM, MRCVS
  • Camilla J. Scott, BVetMed, CertAVP(ESM), DACT, MRCVS

speaker iconCourse Speakers

  • Simon Staempfli, Dr Med Vet FVH, Dip ACT, Dip ABVP Equine, Cert IAVC, MRCVS
  • James Crabtree, BVM&S CertEM(StudMed) MRCVS
  • Camilla Scott, BVetMed, CertAVP(ESM), DACT, MRCVS
  • Jutta Seilhorst, DrMedVet, Dipl.ECAR
  • Juan Cuevo, DVM PhD MSc CertVRep Dipl. ECAR (Equine)
  • Anthony Claes, DVM, PhD, Diplomate ACT
  • Mandi DeMestre, BVSc PhD MRCVS PGCAP FHEA
  • Sarah Moore, BVetMed, CertAVP(ESM), MRCVS
  • Celia Marr, BVMS, MVM, PhD, DEIM, DipECEIM, FRCVS
  • Catriona Mackenzie, BVMS, MSc, CertAVP(EM), DipECEIM, MRCVS
  • Emily Floyd, BVSc, DipACVIM, MRCVS
  • Tom O’Brien, MVB, Diplomate ACVS
  • Kaatje Ducheyne, DVM, PhD, MVSc, DipECAR, MRCVS?
  • Dominik Burger, Dr.Med.Vet DVM
  • Meta Osborne MVB, CertESM, MRCVS
  • Carolina Herrera PhD
  • Monica Morganti DVM, DACT, DECAR, MRCVS

price iconCourse Fees

  • Member price £1200 (early booking by 20th October price: £1140)
  • Non Member price £1500 (early booking by 20th October price: £1425)

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Rossdale Veterinary Surgeons

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Contact Emily Heslop at emily.heslop@rossdales.com to book your place.

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