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Internship at Højgård Hestehospital

BEVA Recognised Internship
12 Jan 2024 BEVA


Højgård Hestehospital

Type of Internship


Length of Internship

12 months

Start Date

1st of June 2024

1st of July 2024

1st of August 2024

1st of October 2024

Key Benefits

  • External CPD Provision 
  • Sickness Pay
  • Accommodation
  • Holiday - Paid Annual Leave per Year

Number of Interns typically employed


Højgård Hestehosital offers an 12-month rotating internship position for an enthusiastic junior veterinarian who wishes to pursue further experience in an equine hospital setting. The position will suit newly graduated veterinarians, with a strong desire to develop skills within anesthesia, critical care and medical imaging.

This will include block-wise rotations through the internal medicine department, anesthesia and medical imaging. The daily responsibilities include for example physical examinations of the horses in the hospital, medical treatments and assisting veterinarians with procedures, as well as Monitoring horses in general anesthesia and obtaining radiographic images. After-hours work will include evening and night treatments, emergency anesthesia, and assisting the on-call veterinarian with emergencies in the hospital.

We have several departments such as reproduction, surgery, ICU, lameness, medical imaging, etc. All the modern medical imaging modalities, such as radiography, scintigraphy, MRI and Computer tomography, are here in the hospital. Next to a referral practice, we also do ambulatory work in the field and the racetrack, and most of our hospital-veterinarians do some field-work as well. For the surgery department we put around 500 horses on the table every year, with the most common cases being OCD and castrations. But also fracture repair, explorative laparotomy and upper airway surgery is performed in our clinic. Our team consists of veterinarians and veterinary nurses and we have specialists, such as ISELP certificate holders and a resident internal medicine (ACVIM) and a consulting board-certified European specialist in anesthesiology and analgesia (ECVAA). ​

How to Apply

​We require a good understanding of the English language, both oral and written format. EU citizenship and a veterinary license within the EU are both mandatory due to the requirement of the work permit (no exceptions). We only consider candidates with a strong equine background, as good horse handling skills are required for the position.


Please send your application with a cover letter, a completed CV and a minimum of 2 references, who we may contact via phone or email, to Nele Van der Aerschot, DVM at