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Allied Professionals

Developing policies and relationships with those working in allied fields

Welcome from the chair

The BEVA Allied Professionals Committee is responsible for developing the Association's policies and relationships with those working in fields allied to equine veterinary medicine, and informing associations such as the RCVS and BVA on developments in the equine sector.

We provide support and advice to our members regarding working with allied professionals including equine dental technicians. 

The committee meets up to four times a year through face to face meetings as well as via the wonders of technology.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us

- Neil Townsend, Chair of the Allied Professionals Committee


Committee Members

Neil Townsend (Chair)
Renate Weller (Deputy Chair)
Ollie Crowe
Nicky Jarvis
Huw Griffiths


Representing you

BEVA members have repeatedly voiced their concerns over securing legislative change for paraprofessionals and therefore the Allied Paraprofessionals Committee has been working hard on your behalf to drive this process forwards. In 2016 BEVA hosted meetings with the relevant dental stakeholders (BEVA, BVDA, BAEDT and WWAED) in order to suggest a legal framework for regulation.

This represented a major progression in a process that has been ongoing since 2001 and which has shown very little development since talks were stalled in 2009.
We have since achieved agreement in several areas:
1. Regulation is required to protect the horse, the owner and the dental care provider
2. Regulation should be clear and easy to interpret
3. Regulation should cover all equine dental procedures

Unfortunately the BREXIT vote has somewhat stalled further progress as DEFRA commit their time and resources towards the UK’s decision to leave the EU. BEVA however remains committed to developing a legal framework for safe provision of equine dental care in order to safeguard the welfare of the horses, owners and dental care providers. Our intention is to continue driving the process to fruition and secure legislative change as an exemption order under the VSA with a common overarching regulatory body.