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BEVA Trust

The BEVA Trust was established in 1966 to provide a mechanism for giving strategic support to the Association and its members both at home and overseas.

With an abundance of initiatives/schemes completed over the years, BEVA Ltd, the governing arm of The Trust, decided to commission a review aimed at gaining an understanding of the views and expectations of the BEVA membership, and how the members would like to see the Trust evolve.

Trust Review

The review was undertaken by a small steering committee whose members were selected for their charitable, veterinary, equine and commercial expertise.

The committee’s primary approach was to gain an understanding of the views and expectations of the BEVA membership on how they would like to see the Trust evolve.

To achieve this an online member’s survey was distributed to all BEVA members.The steering committee analysed the responses from the members indicated strongly that BEVA should have a philanthropic arm.

A significant majority of member respondents suggested that they would be willing to donate their time in support of the Trust. Many indicated that they would commit one or more days per annum.

This type of volunteering was considered to have the potential to provide wide ranging benefits within and without the profession.

Following the review and a number of pilot projects The Trust has harnessed this willingness to donate time, intellectual capital, and professional expertise within the BEVA membership and put it to a philanthropic purpose.

If you would like more information or to get involved please contact Lara, the Trust Secretary, lara@beva.org.uk