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Artificial Insemination Practices

The purpose of the BEVA List of Practices experienced in artificial insemination (AI) is to provide the public with a list of Practices and Vets who undertake equine insemination in accordance with a set of standards determined by and assessed by the BEVA. The listed Practices comply with the "BEVA Guide to the Use of Artificial Insemination in Horse Breeding" and their facilities permit the correct handling and insemination of equine semen.

Inclusion on the voluntary BEVA AI list is dependent on a combination of self –certification and inspection of Practices by BEVA. All vets performing artificial insemination within the listed Practices are experienced in AI and undertake regular training and updating in equine artificial insemination, provided by the BEVA. Members of the public choosing to use one of the Practices included on the BEVA list may therefore be sure that the facilities are of good professional standards and that the Veterinary Surgeons performing the AI are appropriately qualified and experienced.

The list provides details of those Practices, which offer AI with fresh and chilled semen, and those which also offer AI with frozen semen. Please click here to view all practices registered on the AI List 2016.

All practices are on the BEVA Chilled and Frozen list unless otherwise stated.